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11-01-2019Hiring of Diesel Jeep for the period from 01.01.19 to 31.03.201919-01-2019SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
11-01-2019Strengthening of stubs and raising of chimneys 19-01-2019SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
10-01-2019Painting of badly rusted towers at Loc.18,19,20 & 22 of 132KV NavalWharf – HSL line 19-01-2019SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
10-01-2019Raising of chimneys of the damaged structure legs in the yard including welding repairs to the damaged stub angles at 220kV VSS, sector –V, Visakhapatnam19-01-2019SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
10-01-2019Raising of chimneys and leg strengthening of 220KV VSS-GVRM-Gajuwaka DC line and 220KV VSS-KKD & VSS-PWD DC line in lines Gajuwaka Jurisdiction 19-01-2019SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
17-12-2018Augmentation of Power Transformer Capacity from 2X50MVA to 1X50MVA+ 1X80MVA at 220KV SS Kadapa.21-01-2019SE-TL&SS-Kadapa View
19-12-2018Supply, Erection, Testing and commissioning of 1No Passenger Lift (6 persons-408Kg) to the Circle Office building at 132/33 KVSS Premises Tirupati in Chittoor Dt.21-01-2019SE-Civil-Kadapa View
05-01-2019Construction of compound wall and laying of cement concrete road at 132KVSS, Tirupati.25-01-2019SE-Civil-Kadapa View
05-01-2019Carrying out repairs to damaged compound wall at 132/33KVSS, Lingala.25-01-2019SE-Civil-Kadapa View
29-12-2018Bay modification works in connection with erection of 2nd 160MVA, 220/132KV Power Transformer in the place of existing 100MVA, 20/132KV Power Transformer under Augmentation at 220/132/33KV SS, Bhimadole in OMC Circle, Eluru, W.G.Dt.,28-01-2019SE-O&M 400KV Vemagiri View