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Tender Notification Tender DescriptionExpiry Date Office Of 
29-05-2021Erection and commissioning of 1No. 100MVA PTR in place of failed 100 MVA PTR of GEC make at 220KV SS, Hindupur.23-06-2021SE-OMC-Anantapur View
11-06-2021Providing 4Nos. hired drivers for upkeeping and maintenance of 4Nos departmental Jeeps for the period from 01-07-2021 to 31-03-2022 in OMC Circle, Guntur. 24-06-2021SE/TLC/Vijayawada View
25-05-2021Engaging private driver on works contract basis for departmental jeep AP31S5287 under the control of the Deputy Executive Engineer, O&M, 400kV SS, Kalapaka, Visakhapatnam utilised by the Shift Engineers at 400kV Kalapaka SS for the period from 01.07.2021 to 31.03.202224-06-2021SE-O&M 400KV KALAPAKA SS,VSP View
25-05-2021Hiring of 01No. non A/C utility vehicle of model 2017 or later model ( Vehicle of model upto 5years old i.e., April 2017 to later model) along with driver for official utilization of the Deputy Executive Engineer, Lines, 400kV SS, Kalapaka, Visakhapatnam for the period from 01.07.2021 to 31.03.2022 with the head quarters at 400kV SS, Kalapaka, Visakhapatnam and renewable every year up to 31.03.2024 subjected to the approval accorded by APTRANSCO24-06-2021SE-O&M 400KV KALAPAKA SS,VSP View
10-06-2021Tender Notice for Execution of OPGW cable rectification works with necessary hardware accessories towards replacement of damaged 24 fiber OPGW cable between Loc No. 127 to 130 of 400KV RTPP- Kalikiri line in Telecom sub division, RTPP. (Labour portion only). 25-06-2021SE-Telecom-Kadapa View
14-06-2021Carrying out Operation & Maintenance including watch & ward, housekeeping & gardening, MRT Assistance &assistance for Telecom of E.H.T Sub-stations and lines and CBD & SM Gangs for lines & sub-stations on works Contract basis in Vizag Zone for period of 36 months 28-06-2021CE, Visakhapatnam Zone View
14-06-2021Carrying out private security works of EHT sub-stations on works contract basis in Visakhapatnam zone by providing security persons for period of 36 months28-06-2021CE, Visakhapatnam Zone View
09-06-2021Erection of 01No. 33KV, 7.2MVAR Capacitor bank Bay at 132/33KV Sub Station, Penugonda in OMC Circle, Eluru in W.G.Dist., 29-06-2021SE-O&M 400KV Vemagiri View
09-06-20211) Reparis to the spalling slab ceiling and replacing damaged cover slabs in switch yard with new cover slabs at 132KV SS Nandikotkur. 2) Reconstruction of collapsed portion of flood protection wall at 220KV SS Nandyal.29-06-2021EE-Civil-TLC-Kurnool View
14-06-2021Carrying out operation assistance round the clock and maintenance assistance including Watch & Ward, Housekeeping, gardening, assistance for telecom and MRT/TRE assistance, CBD & SM Gangs on work contract basis at all EHT Sub-stations in kadapa zone for the period of 3 years from the date of awarding of work. 29-06-2021CE, Kadapa Zone View