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06-06-2020Extension of Control Room at 220 KV SS Bhimadole04-07-2020CE, Visakhapatnam Zone View
05-06-2020Replacement of existing flashed over,b roken/rusted ball disc insulators with 132KV 120KN SRC insulator stacks at various locations of 132KV Simhachalam-Pendurthy line at Loc:420-427,435-436, 440-441(13 locations) under RMI. 04-07-2020SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
29-06-2020Stub rectification and Chimney raising works for Loc Nos.61,62,63,74,75,76 & 100 in 220KV Maradam - Pendurthy line and Chimney raising works from Loc Nos. 153 to 168 in 220KV Maradam - Garividi DC line in Vizianagaram District-2nd extension.06-07-2020SE-OMC-Vizayanagarm View
29-06-2020Hiring of 1No. Utility Vehicle suitable for all terrains like Bolero Camper or equivalent model, TATA and M &M vehicles (vehicle of model upto 5yrs old i.e, April 2016 or later model only) for a period of 9 months i.e from 01.07.2020 to 31.03.2021 for the official utilization of the Deputy Executive Engineer/TRE/Vizianagaram and renewable every year up to 31.03.2023 in Vizianagaram Dist- 1st extension06-07-2020SE-OMC-Vizayanagarm View
10-06-2020Renovation of Bath Rooms at 220KV SS Gooty in Anantapuramu District.07-07-2020SE-OMC-Anantapur View
17-06-2020Supply of stationery items to the O/o. Superintending Engineer/Telecom Circle/Kadapa.07-07-2020SE-Telecom-Kadapa View
15-06-2020Construction of new RCC plinth for the 80MVA PTR suitable for future expansion duly dismantling the existing damaged plinth at 132KV Port SS08-07-2020SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
17-06-2020Supply of Multi Function meters – (3-ph) along with adopter of size 140x140mm, Model: RISH DELTA Power, Input:0-500V L-L, +5A/1A, 45-65HZ AUX. Supply: 40V-300V AC-DC, 3VA, Make: RISHABH Instruments - 130 Nos.08-07-2020SE-TL&SS-Kurnool View
09-06-2020Replacement of damaged existing 33KV Partial twin bus at 220KV Dairyfarm 09-07-2020SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View
09-06-2020Providing metal spreading including gravel filling and laying of LDPE sheet and other miscellaneous work in 33kv yard at 220KV Dairyfarm SS09-07-2020SE-OMC-Vishakapatnam View